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We design and supply top-tier solar energy systems, focusing on reducing energy usage and fostering sustainable electricity generation.

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Solar Academy & Training Services offers comprehensive educational programs designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills required for the burgeoning solar energy sector. Our courses, led by experienced professionals, cover everything from basic solar principles to advanced installation techniques, ensuring participants are well-equipped for a future in solar energy.

Technical Training

Training and communications programmes that help staff know what they can do to reduce cost and
carbon in the workplace. Our dedicated team deliver engagement programmes to ensure that users are
taking full advantage of their investment and lowering energy costs and impact on the environment. Our training program is focused on:

School Visits

Global warming is already having significant effect on our climate, communities and our health. This is largely due the the pollution caused by the conventional sources of power we have grown too comfortable with despite knowing the effect they have on the planet.

As part of our mission to save our planet through the use of green renewable energy supplies, we open our doors to young student to give them a feel of what renewable sources of energy are; educate them on how global warming is a threat to their future and brainstorm with them on how they can contribute to solving this global issue.


insights into the latest solar technologies and industry best practices. Engage with experts, participate in interactive discussions, and expand your network within the solar community. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills or explore new opportunities in solar energy, our seminar is the perfect platform to ignite your passion and knowledge in this dynamic field.

Women In Renewable Energy

We set out with a mission to make renewable energy accessible. We found there was a need to do things differently by advancing the know-how to realise our ambition. So we evolved with innovative ways of realising energy access through knowledge transfer.

And we identified girls and women to focus our training on. They complete our 3-6 month training courses and become “Power-Sisters” with all-round knowledge about solar power and the business sense behind it. Thus we bring Women in Renewable Energy.

Our long term relationships with clients through tailored services are enhanced with the increased partnerships struck with our graduating trainee practitioners in the solar energy domain. We continue to evolve – to enhance energy access!

Latest Projects

Making The Best Out of Renewables

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We design and supply top-tier solar energy systems, focusing on reducing energy usage and fostering sustainable electricity generation. Our services extend from sophisticated solar PV systems for homes and businesses to dynamic public space lighting, ensuring every installation meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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