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We design and supply top-tier solar energy systems, focusing on reducing energy usage and fostering sustainable electricity generation.

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In a collaboration with Gridspan Energy, we are introducing Mobile energy storage transmission (MEST). MEST is an innovative solution which complements the shortcomings of conventional electricity transmission; specifically, the techno-economic inefficiencies of subsea cabled transmission and small-scale diesel generation. This novel electricity delivery solution uses modular battery systems to transport electricity from one market to another via conventional freight systems.

In essence, MEST is a flexible alternative to conventional transmission that utilizes freight logistics, energy storage technology, and regional electricity price differentials to connect markets separated by large bodies of water or other substantial geographic features. In addition to using our mobile battery systems for MEST, our systems act as a 2-in-1 Storage & Transmission Solution; providing many of same benefits as stationary storage.

Benefits of Energy Storage Leasing

Our Energy storage leasing service is designed for seamless integration with existing power systems. With less then 15-minute setup and integration after transport, we are bringing efficient and greener energy solution in a mobile package to the most previously inaccessible locations.


The system is designed for plug-and-play use, with the ability to connect to a site a few minute after delivery. This makes it flexible and easily adapted for any use case. The following are few notable use cases

Service Timeline

Letter of Intent, No down payment, development starts immediately upon signing.
System manufacture and testing, 3 months to complete.
Delivery and Installation, 1 month cycle.
Service and monitoring, 18 month lease with renewable 5-year rate lock

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We design and supply top-tier solar energy systems, focusing on reducing energy usage and fostering sustainable electricity generation. Our services extend from sophisticated solar PV systems for homes and businesses to dynamic public space lighting, ensuring every installation meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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