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Comprehensive Solar Solutions for Business and Home Use

Leading the Charge in Solar & Renewable Energy Across Ghana & West Africa

We merge global expertise with local insights to deliver cost-effective and sustainable solar energy solutions in Ghana and West Africa. 

Global warming of 1.1 degrees Celsius is leading to unprecedented climate changes, from rising sea levels to more frequent extreme weather events, impacting ecosystems and communities worldwide​.

We are on a mission is to provide you with energy independence at a price that makes sense for your budget without compromise. We offer you:

Eco-Friendly, Dependable & Cost-Effective Power!

Delivering Excellence to Customers with Lasting Energy Solutions

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve been committed to renewable energy solutions, providing high-quality solar equipment and services to thousands of homes and businesses. Together, we’ve helped save massive CO2 emissions.

Our commitment to sustainable energy solutions is evident in our industry-leading manufacturing technology and continuous investment in raising the bar for green energy initiatives in Ghana.

For assistance or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. 

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Fuelling Solar Innovations for All.

A Leading Source of Solar Services for Enthusiasts, Installers, and Contractors

Eco-Friendly, Dependable & Cost-Effective Power!, Find Your Solution Now!
Enhancing Energy Access Through Skilling

Join The Revolution! Women In Renewable Energy

We set out with a mission to make renewable energy accessible. We found there was a need to do things differently by advancing the know-how to realise our ambition. So we evolved with innovative ways of realising energy access through knowledge transfer.

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As a women-led social enterprise, Power Sisters has affirmed high-level support for advancing gender equality on the road to ensuring universal energy access. Over 80 per cent of WIRE’s board is comprised of women leaders from the finance, technology and renewable energy sectors.

There is a strong case for what women can do to expand energy access and to fight on the front lines against climate change. This is where  WIRE is leading the way.

Making The Best Out of Renewables

Uncover Autonomy by Harnessing Solar Panel Energy!

We design and supply top-tier solar energy systems, focusing on reducing energy usage and fostering sustainable electricity generation. Our services extend from sophisticated solar PV systems for homes and businesses to dynamic public space lighting, ensuring every installation meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

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