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Effective low energy solutions and renewable energy systems that is cost savings for clients
This will also foster a radical reduction of carbon dioxide emission.

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the SUKA efficient solar systems

Get an immediate quote on how much soloar power you will need, just one click.

Women in renewable energy

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Solar power Generators

When you think of reliable power, why not consider using solar energy? We are specialist in solar power systems.

Solar powered Street Lights

Street lights with LED technology brings daylight in night time and joy. We are here to help.

Controls Systems

With Alre Controls, we provide the best precission industrial systems. Talk to us for efficiency.

Solar-Wind Power

Now for the first time, commercial buildings and homeowners can easily and efficiently harness the power of the wind and sun

UPS and Solar Batteries

We have renewable energy batteries for consumer use, commercial, industrial and Defence applications.

Energy Efficiency

We identify energy improvement areas and help to save you money of which we take 40% and you keep 60% of the savings.

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