Solar Water Heater – 140L


140L capacity, 52.5mm insulation depth, 520mm outer diameter, 415mm inner diameter.



✔ High performance Solar water heater
✔ Green energy with zero carbon emission
✔ Uses very efficient evacuated tube collectors for maximum performance
✔ Can heat water in overcast conditions
✔ Can operate in temperatures as low as -40F
✔ Each evacuated tube is similar to a thermos in principle; preventing heat loss

Product Specification

1.82m2 absorbing area, 21o absorbing angle, ∅58 x 1800mm vacuum tube, 140L water tank capacity, 52.5mm water tank insulation depth, 520mm water tank outer diameter, 415mm water tank inner diameter

Weight: 225Kg

Dimension: 1276mm x 2010mm x 1082mm