LED street lights ZGSM Lamp-LD80H4 – 80W


9600 Lumen, 80W nominal wattage, excellent design for high performance, 24V DC input voltage, certified.


✔ High-end Meanwell HLG series LED Driver
✔ Excellent LED performance at low power consumption
✔ Exquisite design with powerful thermal dissipation and IP66 waterproof performance
✔ Anodized aluminum with stainless steel screws, no worries about corrosion
✔ Cylindrical edge design to avoid cut risk
✔ 0-15o adjustable function for all installation direction
✔ Professional lens design
✔ Certified

Product Specification

9600lm Lumen output, 80W system wattage, 24VDC input voltage, Meanwell HLG series LED driver, Philips Lumileds 3030 LED chips, 90% power efficiency,

Weight: 6.11Kg

Dimension(L x W x H): 504mm x 316mm x 136mm