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Remote electrification in Kaolack, Senegal with photovoltaics

Remote electrification in Kaolack, Senegal with photovoltaics

SUKA SOLAR supplied many photo-voltaic plants for electrification in Senegal, West Africa. The plants were composed of all components needed for a complete off-grid application. They included:

  • Modules
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Chargers and regulators
  • Mounting and cabling system

The project required a high level design support in order to configure the plants at best and to optimize them accordingly to the use and local conditions. One mremote_electrification_kaolaqajor success was the Qur’anic English and Arabic School at Madina-Bai area which was set up by Imam Sheikh Tidianne (Tijani) Cisse – the current Chief Imam of the Madina Bai Mosque of Maulana Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse and the Leader of the Worldwide Tijaniyya Sufi Movement. 10 solar modules of 300Waat peak plus a 5 kilowatt Axpert Sukasol inverter and a 24kwh battery storage will ensure that the School is weaned off Sonelec Grid power connection for the next 30 years.

SUKA Solar engineers have a long-term experience, working from 2009 at off-grid configurations and supplying.
The plants are developed to supply energy in small remote villages, with a power from 30 to 100 PV kWp, and a battery capacity from 15,000 to 30,000 Ah.

Generating green energy in Africa

This green approach of generating energy is growing in Africa, for many reasons:

  • Photovoltaic current prices are very competitive compared with oil traditional sources
  • PV energy is produced in the place where it is consumed, with no costs for transmission and distribution
  • With renewable energy you can limit pollution and gas emissions

Photovoltaic technology is particularly suitable for remote places and agriculture applications, providing green and competitive energy.
The payback time is becoming shorter thanks to the decreasing prices of all components: PV modules, inverters and batteries.

SUKA Solar engineering team can support resellers and installers to choose the components and to configure them in the best way, all across West Africa.