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Sukasol MS-F100W with Charge controller


100W max power, portable, built-in charge controller 21.6V Voc, 6A system current, monocrystalline cell technology.

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Product Description

✔ Monocrystalline Cell Technology
✔ 24-cell clean cut black monocrystalline module
✔ Portable and can be mounted in seconds. Thanks to the built-in stand
✔ Built-in Charge controller with LCD display and easy battery connection cables
✔ High efficiency rating
✔ Perfect for travelling and camping
✔ Class A
✔ Certified

Product Specification

100W maximum power, 21.60VDC open circuit voltage, 24-cell monocrystalline, 6A rated current, 600VDC maximum system voltage, 10A fuse rating.

Weight: 15Kg

Dimension(L x W x H)= 505mm x 690mm x 70mm

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