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SCC-SL Solar street light charge controller 10A


12V/24V auto-recognition rated system voltage, designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, 3 or 2 stage charging system, 10A charging current, LED indicators.

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Product Description

✔ Specially designed for solar street light with high cost performance
✔ 12V/24V automatic recognition system
✔ Clear readable LED indicators
✔ 3 stage charging system for flooded battery
✔ 2 stage charging system for sealed battery
✔ Enclosed by aluminum shell and potted by epoxy with high thermal conductivity
✔ Various protection functions

Product Specification

12V/24V auto-recognition rated system voltage, 10A rated charge current, 50V maximum PV voltage, 10A maximum load current, 97% efficiency rate.

weight: 125g

dimension(L x W x H): 50mm x 56.6mm x 20mm

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