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Axpert MKS Plus 3KVA-24V


3000W/2400W rated output power, built-in MPPT charger, hybrid power system, 230V rated AC output voltage, 60A default charging current, 3-step charging algorithm, smart LCD display.

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Product Description

✔ Pure sine wave inverter
✔ Built-in MPPT charger with a 3-step charging algorithm
✔ Hybrid power system
✔ Comprehensive LCD display with LED indicators
✔ Auto restart while AC is recovering
✔ Overload/ Over temperature/ short circuit protection
✔ Includes a software for monitoring and configuring via PC/Mac
✔ Compatible to mains Voltage or generator power
✔ Cold start function
✔ 95%+ efficiency rate
✔ Smart battery charger design for optimized performance

Product Specification

3000W/2400W rated output power, pure sine wave output voltage waveform, 24V nominal DC input, 230V rated AC output voltage, 300V maximum AC input voltage, 50Hz/60Hz output frequency, 60A default charging current, smart LCD display.

weight: 11.5Kg

dimension(L x W x H): 140mm x 259mm x 479mm

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