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Axpert MEX 2KVA-24V inverter


2000W rated output power, built-in MPPT charger, hybrid power system, 230V rated AC output voltage, 50A default charging current.

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Product Description

✔ Pure sine wave inverter
✔ Built-in MPPT charger
✔ Hybrid power system
✔ Intelligent LCD display and LED indicators
✔ Auto restart while AC is recovering
✔ Auto shutdown when overloaded
✔ Includes a software for monitoring and configuring via PC/Mac
✔ Compatible to mains Voltage or generator power
✔ Cold start function
✔ 90%+ efficiency rate

Product Specification

2000VA rated output power, pure sine wave output voltage waveform, 230V rated AC output voltage, 300V maximum AC input voltage, 50Hz output frequency, 50A default charging current

weight: 6.4Kg

dimension(L x W x H): 100mm x 272mm x 355mm

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