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Aspire 2.2KW Solar Inverter for Water Pump


2200W rated output power, built-in MPPT charger, 380V – 440V AC output voltage, 5.1A rated output current, LCD and LEDs display.

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Product Description

✔ Built-in MPPT solar charger
✔ Supports three-phase asynchronous motor
✔ Comprehensive LCD and LEDs display real-time system status
✔ Compatible to utility or generator input
✔ Soft-start function to prevent water hammer effect and extends system lifecycle
✔ Remote monitoring through RS-485 and RS-232 ports
✔ Efficiency rate of 97% – 99%

Product Specification

2200W output rated power, 3500W maximum PV array power, 800VDV maximum DV voltage, 380V – 440V nominal AC output voltage, 5.1A output current, 97%-99% output efficiency. More info in product manual.

weight: 5.5Kg

dimension(L x W x H): 110mm x 230mm x 342mm

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