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Our 30kW wind turbine can be applied in both on-grid and off-grid systems.

  • SCF Supercritical generator

    Our wind generators adopt SCF supercritical technology which won a gold award in the 37th Salon Eureka in Brussels. This technology greatly reduces generator weight and size by 20% to 30%. Meanwhile the generator efficiency is >0.92 and its wind energy utilizing ratio is increased from 0.22-0.28 to 0.42. This ensures that the generator functions perfectly in less wind condition.
  • SKF bearings

    Our wind turbine adopts two SKF (Svenska Kullager Fabriken) bearings which are produced by the largest bearing manufacturer in the world, with the perfect internal geometric structure, known for its life-time endurance and reliable quality. Ordinary bearings need to be changed every two or three years, while SKF bearings can greatly reduce the maintenance costs on this matter.
  • PLC integrated with Siemens module

    Our wind turbine controlling system adopts the smart touch-screen PLC
    (Programmable Logic Controller) which is integrated with Siemens controlling unit. The PLC will alarm and adjust the abnormal running status of the wind turbine automatically both timely and efficiently. Siemens module offers high reliability to our PLC and its customers worldwide can testify for that.
  • Low noise

    The design of the rotor blade of our wind turbine absorbs the highlights of the small aircraft’s airfoil, which is compliance with the aerodynamic standards. It provides a more aesthetic look and a higher efficiency and reduces the noise production as much as possible.
  • Multiple braking protections

    With electric pitching, yawing, electromagnetism braking and hydraulic braking multiple protection methods, the speed of blades are limited within a safe range of rotation, thus to protect generator effectively; Equipped with auto and manual shut down methods to ensure the overall system’s operation in safety.

Schematic diagram


Specifications and power curve

Rotor Diameter Ф13.2m / 43.3 ft
Swept Area 136.85 m2/ 1473.04 ft2
Rated Power 30kW @ 11m/s /24.6mph
Cut-in Wind Speed 3m/s / 6.7mph
Rated Rotating Rate 95 r/min
Working Wind Speed 3-25m/s / 6.7—55.9 mph
Survival Wind Speed 50m/s / 111.8mph
Hub Height(m) 18
Generator efficiency >0.92
Insulation class F Class
Wind Energy Utilising Ratio 0.42Cp
Configuration 3 Blades, Horizontal axis, Upwind
Type of turbine Gearless, permanent magnet direct-driven generator, horizontal axis, upwind, active pitch
Energy Monitoring & User Control Siemens PLC controller with touch screen and remote monitoring
Blade Material Fibreglass reinforced composite
Alternator Permanent magnet alternator, SCF technology
Gearbox None, Direct drive with front generator design
Variable pitch system Blade independent pitch system, servo motor control, UPS uninterrupted power supply
Brake system –       Servo motor drive, piston hydraulic brake
–       Servo motor drive to yaw
–       Electromagnetism brake
–       Independent servo motors pitch control and UPS uninterrupted power supply
Shutting Down Method Manual & Automatic electromagnetism braking & Hydraulic braking & Electric pitch
Cooling method Liquid cooling
Design Lifetime ≥20 years
Working Environment Temperature -40 to +65℃

Structure and component parts

NO. Name
1 Nose cone 1
2 Nose code 2
3 Hub
4 Generator body
5 Upper protection cover nacelle
6 Blade
7 Dog-vane/Anemometer
8 Dog-vane fixing flange
9 Lifting ring
10 Waterproof end-cap
11 Dog-vane/Anemometer support bar
12 Powerbox
13 Yaw motor
14 Speed reducer
15 Yaw servo motor
16 Cooling water tank
17 Hydraulic brake cylinder assembly
18 Blade brake calliper
19 Yawing calliper
20 Lower protection cover of the nacelle
21 Hydraulic tower
  1. Generator Part

    It is constituted by generator body and nose cone. Our generator is one of most highly-advanced generators in the world; it has four core patent technologies and made by high-efficiency magnetic materials, special copper alloy, high-strength stainless steel and aeronautic aluminum alloys, which makes it extremely light in weight and small in size, but with higher power producing efficiency than traditional generators.
  2. Blades

    The blades are made by glass reinforced plastic, which efficiently turn the wind energy into the mechanical energy. Three blades are assembled as a complete one set and are done with both static balance test and dynamic balance test strictly before product delivery from factory, and can not be mixed for use.
  3. Nacelle and hub

    Nacelle contains yaw gearbox, yaw servo motor, reducer, ultrasonic anemometer, hydraulic brake system, etc.
    Hub contains pitch gearbox, pitch servo motor, reducer, blades, etc.
  4. Ultrasonic dogvane & anemometer

    Features and superiority:

    • Ultrasonic technology, high measurement accuracy
      Multiple of ultrasonic probes timely send and receive ultrasonic signals in the measurement space, which is used to make sure the true time and high efficiency of parameters and high measurement accuracy.
    • All-solid-state design, long lifespan
      All-solid-state design achieves no any rotatable parts in the complete machine and strengthens the structure to resistant to corrosion of seawater and salt mist, thus the lifespan is longer.
    • No environment requirements, all-weather operations
      Automatic temperature control protection device (30℃ constant temperature self-heating functions) is equipped inside the machine to prevent ultrasonic probes from being frozen by snow and ice in the extremely cold weather condition, which may result in the decrease of measurement performance. Furthermore, the device can ensure the machine operate in any environmental conditions.
    • Calibration for one time, no maintenance for the lifetime
      The machine is one-time calibrated before leaving the factory, so there is no need to do any further testing or calibration in the operational process. Users don’t need to take any measures to maintain the machine, either.
  5. Water proof Power Box & PLC Controller (Siemens module)

    PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) adopts the Siemens controlling module and is equipped with humanization touch screen. It can alarm and adjust the abnormal running status of the wind turbine automatically. Users can remotely monitor and set the running status of the system on the touch screen.
  6. Rectifier/Dump Load Controller & Dump Load Box

    The controller controls the process of which the AC produced by wind turbine being rectified into DC and eventually charges the battery bank with DC. It also controls the switching on and off of the dump load to protect the system against the risk of being overloaded with too much power.

    Metal box design of the dump load radiates the heat of the resistance inside quickly via the air convection. So there is no need for an extra fan.

  7. Off-grid Inverter & On-grid Inverter

    Our off-grid inverter adopts SPWM (Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation) technology and high-frequency circuit breaker amorphous transformer; It has high converting efficiency, and output stable frequency, voltage and pure sine wave; It’s used for the off-grid system to supply power for electrical loads.

    Our on-grid inverter adopts MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology and IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor); It has high converting efficiency and wider DC voltage range, and without connecting with storage device when tied with the grid.

  8. Free Standing (Self-supporting) Tower

    The tower structure is multiple edged and conical shaped; made by fine stainless steel which helps to resist from strong heavy winds. The surface of the tower is processed with the hot galvanization and spray paint, thus able to avoid corrosion and rust. The outline is simple but good-looking. It occupies less land.
  9. Hydraulic Tower System

    Except for the benefits of the freestanding tower, moreover, the hydraulic tower is added with hydraulic pump station system which helps the installation of the whole set wind turbine. The erection and lay down of tower body is more convenient and easy. The same hydraulic pump station system among several wind turbine towers can be shared. There are both manual and electric hydraulic pump station systems. The hydraulic tower is applicable for a remote area like mountain village, islands etc where the crane can not access.