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Solar All-in-One Systems

Are you interested in joining the campaign to promote a greener earth?
Or are you just looking for a reliable alternative to grid power, free and renewable?
Do you also worry about lack of space for your power bank at home, shop or office?
Or maybe you are worried about the troubles and cost of moving your installed solar system from your rented apartment to a new home?

Well worry no more; we have you covered. We are introducing our all-in-one solar system


Our all-in-one system combines the robust and trusted solar technologies we offer into a single unit. The unit constitutes a hybrid solar inverter with a built-in MPPT solar charger and a small battery bank to get you started. The unit is designed with expansion in mind, making it very easy to increase your power storage when required. The unit is very portable, increasing its versatility and use case. Starting from 1KVA, you can get a unit that suits your specific need.

Use Case

The Suka solar all-in-one system can be used both as a backup source or primary source. Its hybrid nature makes it possible to charge the batteries with power from the grid without a need for solar panels. This is especially practical when you are considering an alternative source of energy for your small shop with a small roof space. This is much better than opting for a Genset which requires refueling all the time whiles also making so much noise.
It can be set up to use solar panels as the primary source of power to utilize free energy from the sun. The system is designed to be very simple, requiring almost no technical expertise to get it up and running. This model is very beneficial for users who are always on the move.

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