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Updates from Suka and the world of Solar energy

Your guide to managing your home Solar energy system
Jun 05, 2017 Knowledge based, News

Basic concept of solar energy system

The world’s population is getting larger and larger resulting in an increase in the demand for affordable and environmentally friendly energy. Solar energy as an alternative source of energy...

How long can your solar system take you in a day? How long do you want to go?
Jan 27, 2017 Knowledge based

Approximate Back-up Time

Back-up time in this context is the approximated time a solar system can provide power to load in a day. This largely depends on the battery and the amount...

Jan 27, 2017 Knowledge based, Product

Benefits of LEDs

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LED lights are small, but extremely energy efficient and long lasting. Unlike the...