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Optimize Your Industry with Suka Solar Efficiency

Why Choose Solar?

Suka Solar empowers energy-intensive businesses to slash energy costs, offers protection against fluctuating electricity prices, and supports sustainability goals. With solar now the cheapest renewable energy per Bloomberg, our solar solutions enhance business value by reducing operational expenses.

The Suka Solar Advantage

As a leader in Ghana’s solar energy sector, we provide comprehensive services—from distribution to project development. Our network of over 200 certified installers, including female engineers, delivers excellence in solar installation and maintenance, recognized by the First Ghana Green Award 2016.

Comprehensive Industrial Solar Services

Our turnkey solutions are designed to maximize your investment’s ROI. We offer end-to-end project services, from site assessment to system design, ensuring safety and performance.

Premium Solar Components

We partner with top-tier manufacturers to supply a complete range of high-quality solar PV components, tailored to each project for optimal efficiency and reliability. With a global footprint, Suka Solar is your trusted partner for complex solar projects. Our experience spans various systems and challenging environments, ensuring your project’s success.

Financing and Risk Mitigation

Leveraging our experience, we facilitate financial solutions for solar projects, focusing on risk mitigation to ensure viability and attractive returns. Our Asset Management services ensure peak performance and longevity of your solar installations, with comprehensive monitoring and maintenance.

Elevate your industrial operations with Suka Solar Ghana – a partner for sustainable progress and robust returns.


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