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About Us

Why Us

Suka Wind & Solar Energy Limited draws on its roots in Germany and United Kingdom to offer advanced innovative engineering solution for high energy costs faced by its customers.

We supply and install renewable energy products, power optimisation equipment, low energy but high efficient LED lights, and consultancy services in electricity generation and energy conservation.

Our expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Solar powered lanterns.
  • Medium and Low Voltage switch-gears, Transformers and Substations.
  • Precision controls system for industrial and commercial machinery.
  • Procurement and supply contract services.
  • Supply and installation of LED lights for roads, public arenas, and offices with over 160,000 hours life time.
  • Solar-powered aviation and street lights.
  • Solar photovoltaic systems and Wind power.
  • Energy-efficient Industrial motors.
  • Surveillance equipment for defence and security applications.
We specialise in the manufacture and integration of energy efficient technologies and providing sustainable energy solution services. Founded in Germany in 1970, Süka Gmbh (the man German company from which we derive our name, technology and inspiration) is a proud owner of multiple patents in energy efficient solutions.

As one of the leading provider of stand-alone solar energy and precision controls to both private and public sector organisations, Süka’s manufacturing technology and products are industry leading even as investments are continuously made to raise standards higher and higher.

Our Aspiration

Suka Wind & Solar Energy Limited aspires to continue working on making the generation and use of renewable energy accessible to all Ghanaians in order to improve people’s wellbeing. With this aspiration, the company does guarantees on providing well engineered European standard products with long term warranties which provide demonstrable value for money to clients.

What Drives Us

Our drive as a company is to remain the leading providers of effective low energy solutions and renewable energy systems that will create revenue streams and engender cost savings for clients. This will also foster a radical reduction of carbon dioxide emission.